Pool Compliance


There are big changes to the way Pool Owners in New South Wales need to approach pool safety.


You will need to arrange a pool fence inspection if:


  • You are a Private Home Owner selling your house, or if you are renting your house to a tenant

  • You are a Real Estate Property Manager involved in renting residential properties

  • You are a Real Estate Agent involved in selling residential properties

  • You manage a Body Corporate or community title property with a pool

  • You operate or own an Accommodation Property like a resort, hotel, motel or caravan park


Once you have had your pool inspected, Maintain can assist you in getting all of the necessary rectification works completed.



  • Any rectification work to bring your barrier up to the required standard

  • Repairs to fencing panels, gates & hinges

  • Provision of new hinges & panels

  • Resuscitation signs

  • Removal or trimming of trees and bushes

  • Addition of Perspex to reduce or eliminate gaps

  • Extensions to fence height to meet compliance


Maintain will work with you to ensure your pool passes the compliance tests to the legal Australian Standards.

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pool compliance fencing
pool compliance fencing
pool compliance fencing